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Maximize Your Investment

Landscape Construction

Hunter Landscape has successfully installed over ten million square feet of commercial landscape and has earned a solid reputation for delivering projects of exceptional quality. Our specialized irrigation and landscape installation teams bring over 40 years of installation expertise to your project to help ensure your project is completed on schedule, and within budget.

On the surface, many companies “install” landscape. Whether Hunter Landscape installs on a design-build basis or utilizes the plans of another firm, the attention to detail which differentiates a Hunter Landscape installation can greatly impact the overall value and longevity of your landscape investment.

Quality measures ensure that the soil is properly amended, only high- quality plant materials are selected, all plant materials are installed at the correct soil height, and that uniform irrigation coverage is provided. Details such as these may not be evident upon initial installation, but they can seriously impact the overall health, quality, and future expenditures necessary to maintain your landscape investment.

Project Consulting

Hunter Landscape’s design team can carefully review your plans providing a sound budget number. Our review will also identify areas of concern that may lead to installation, compliance, or performance problems in the field, saving you time and money.

If desired, our design team can provide value engineering options to help you realize your budget objective without compromising the intent of the original landscape design.

When the Hunter Landscape design-build approach is utilized you receive a beautiful, water efficient, quality landscape installation based on your budget, design input, and City requirements. We assume total responsibility for the quality and performance of the installation, adherence to the budget, and obtaining final approvals.

Design Build

Hunter Landscape’s design build capability provides clients a seamless link for innovative landscape design, cost management, project administration, installation, and maintenance; reducing the amount of time, overall cost and potential for inconsistencies inherent in managing multiple specialties. With this approach you leverage our professional resources to eliminate potential design and installation issues, and guarantee project completion within budget.

Landscape Maintenance

Hunter Landscape is recognized for delivering superior quality landscape maintenance combined with unrivaled customer service. Each day, our employees set the standard in turf and irrigation management, fertilization, seasonal color design, and tree care.

Proactive portfolio managers, field supervisors, and irrigation technicians continually monitor quality, optimize the timing, quantity, and frequency of water applications, and suggest budget conscious ways to enhance your property’s beauty, safety, and water efficiency. Service technicians are available for emergency situations twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Sustainable Solutions

Hunter Landscape’s LEED and Certified Irrigation Specialists have the talent and expertise to overcome the challenges posed by LEED and AB 1881 requirements. Our landscape architect and design staff create construction drawings that combine ultra-efficient irrigation design and distribution devices with a palette of native and drought tolerant plant materials. The goal is to deliver uniform irrigation coverage in just the right quantity to maintain plant health, yet eliminate the expense and maintenance associated with overspray on walkways, glass, and asphalt.

Our personnel combine over ninety-five years of field experience with continual training and certification seminars to provide our clients the latest technology in computer based water management systems, irrigation systems design, and environmentally sound weed and turf care practices to minimize a project’s overall carbon footprint.

We operate a large scale composting facility that processes 100% of the green waste generated by our maintenance and tree care operations creating valuable products such as compost and mulch. The mulch is returned to our landscapes to aid water retention, improve soil structure, and control weeds with reduced reliance on chemicals.